There are a lot of areas in our home that I’m dying to makeover, but our kitchen is likely at the top of my list. However, I’ve done an estimate for how much it will cost to transform the room into what I want, and it’s way too much money for us right now. So the kitchen makeover will have to wait. There is one area of our kitchen that simply can’t wait though…

This is our kitchen table in the breakfast area. There’s a lot wrong with this table! The style is boring, I’m tired of the color, and then there’s the broken chair (on the right). Yeah, there’s nothing like inviting friends over only for them to sit on a broken chair! This table makeover couldn’t wait! And fortunately, it would be an easy and affordable transformation… or so I thought.

My plan was to replace the broken chairs with some stylish new modern ones, and then do a little DIY project on the old solid wood table in order to transform it into something much more classy. After about a month of sanding, altering, staining and sealing the old table, my transformation was complete!

my old table (upside down)

I moved the table back into our breakfast area… and within 24 hours it was ruined!! The dog jumped on the table (something she’d never done before!) and somehow when my son went to get her down (I don’t know how this happened I wasn’t there to see it) the table BROKE! Like totally unfixable, throw in the trash broke!!! Ugh! There went the past month of my life… wasted!

But I put the whole situation into perspective (aka I realized the world was not ending because of a broken table), managed to not yell at my son or the dog (that’s a win), and moved on to find a solution!

The metal hairpin legs were just fine and still usable so all I needed was a new wood table top. I considered making one myself from 2x4s, but while I was weighing how to fit yet another project into my busy schedule, we had a fire in our garage! Thank the Lord it was contained to the garage and no one was injured and the rest of the house is fine! But everything in the garage was destroyed by the smoke damage. I no longer had any tools, supplies or even a place to do my DIY work.

So I guess I wasn’t going to be making a table top myself!

Instead, I turned to a craftsman who works out of a local salvage store. He was able to build me a nice reclaimed wood table top for a very reasonable price. We discussed the details of the look I was going for, I picked out the exact planks of wood I wanted, and he showed me how they would look sanded and assembled. (A big thank you to my dear friend Emily who was willing to tag along with me on this trip even though there was no air conditioning in the building and it was the middle of summer!)

About a month later, my table top was finished!


I am so excited to announce that I am done with the renovation of my kids’ bathroom!!! Bathroom renovations are never fun as you usually have to spend some time living without a useable bathroom. We spent three months without a fully functioning bathroom, including the holiday season when we had guests staying with us, but fortunately we do have two other full bathrooms in the house. I literally had a couple days in December where I spent all day out in the garage building the vanity, working hard, covered in sawdust and paint, and then quickly had to clean up to look nice and rush off to attend a Christmas party. It made for a unique and extra busy holiday season but it was all worth it!

Let’s get to it… Here’s a reminder of what the bathroom used to look like:




And here is the new bathroom!

I wish I could have gutted the tub/shower combo and replaced it with a new tub and tile surround, but our limited budget kept me from being able to do that. As much as I wish I had a nice new tub area, I still feel like it was the right decision to not invest money in that.

So let’s get to the details of this reno…


My bonus room makeover is finished! This room started out as a playroom for our young children. But a full decade has since passed, and they are now teens/pre-teens and no longer need a room to store their toys. Instead, what they really need is a room to hang out with their friends. So we turned this room into a second family room. That allows me and my husband to be able to have the family room downstairs all to ourselves while all of the kids are upstairs.

I didn’t want this bonus room to feel like a totally teen room though. I wanted it to be a room that my husband and I could still use to host our friends and it feel “mature” enough for adults.

I focused on a mid-century modern style with some industrial accents. Overall, I’m happy with how the room turned out. Even more important, my family is happy with how it turned out!

My goals for this room were:

  • improve the lighting
  • add comfortable and flexible furniture
  • provide storage for video gaming equipment, books and board games
  • alter the look of the outdated TV nook
  • create a casual comfortable feel that works for both teens and adults

So let’s see the before photos…





And here is what it looks like now…





Here are the changes I made…


Well, this is five months late, but I am finally revealing my new dining room! I had finished this room in October, but then never got to post it because of personal reasons (see this post for more).

My goals for this room were pretty straightforward:

  • lighten up the color scheme
  • create visual interest in a rather boring room
  • maintain the same amount of storage
  • create a casual modern feel
  • update the dated furniture

As I mentioned before, there aren’t a lot of elements to work with in my dining room, and on top of that I chose to keep the color scheme neutral. That combination could have easily resulted in a flat looking room. But I was able to counter the simplicity of the room with some patterns and textures that gave depth and life.

I’m pretty happy with how this room turned out considering my limited budget.

So without further ado, let’s see the photos!

Here are the before photos:




And here are the after photos!




Here’s a breakdown of the changes I made…