When it comes to budgeting for a wedding many brides are told to use the splurge and save strategy. The idea is to splurge in some areas of the wedding, and then balance that spending by cutting costs in other areas. This concept is meant to allow the bride to enjoy what she really wants on her special day in areas that are important to her, but keeps the budget under control by cutting back spending in areas that are not so important to her.

Well, lovely readers, the same general concept works for interior design too. Whether you’re thinking about giving a room a quick redo or renovating your entire house, it doesn’t take long to realize that if you really splurged on everything you wanted for your project you’d end up at best overspending or at worst bankrupt (yes, I could easily drive myself to bankruptcy if I purchased everything I wanted for our home).

It’s important to bring some balance to your budget by cutting back where you can, but also recognizing when splurging on certain items is what will really make the room work well for you.

The big question then is what do I splurge on, and more importantly, where do I save when I really want to splurge on everything? A professional interior designer is very good at figuring out this balance in order to keep your project in budget, and today I’m going to give you some general tips for knowing when to splurge and when to save.

when to splurge…

Splurge on items that are highlighted either because of their location or the architectural elements around them. This would be certain highly visible unique areas of your house, like a feature wall, alcove or bay window. In a living room, it may be above the fireplace. In a kitchen, it may be the breakfast area or over the sink. In a bedroom, it may be over the bed. In a home office, it may be the desk or a large built-in wall system. These are the areas people’s eyes are drawn to when they first walk into the room so put something fantastic in those areas.

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