I love to bring personal touches to the interior design in our home. I recently finished giving our home office a makeover and discovered many opportunities to add personal touches to the room, including the wall art over the piano.

The piano had been in the room for awhile and needed to stay. It doesn’t match the decor, but we couldn’t kick it out so I tried to incorporate it into the design of the overall room. One way I wanted to accomplish this was to add some large artwork above it to help highlight it while also visually balancing the large built-in bookcases we have on the adjacent wall.

As I was debating what artwork to place over the piano, I came across this photo on Pinterest


I immediately realized I could do something similar with our travel photos and place them over our piano. I spent a semester in college studying abroad in Europe, and we recently took a family trip to NYC. I liked the idea of taking my own personal photos that I’ve collected from those trips and highlighting them with a collage.


I am in the middle of a new room makeover: my home office. I actually started this makeover eight months ago and, well, I haven’t made a lot of progress because life keeps getting in the way (stupid responsibilities! 🙂 ). But finally, after spending many months planning this makeover and purchasing some items for it, I am ready to start the install!

First, I want to share a few photos of home offices that inspired me.

I love the use of color and the light fixture in this home office…