In my recent post about my foyer makeover you may have noticed that I painted my entire foyer and hallway all white—both the walls and the trim are white. I plan to paint almost all of the walls in my house the same white color. I also painted the walls white in the last four room makeovers I did. In case you can’t tell, I’m a fan of white walls! But my love for white isn’t limited to just wall color. I also love white decor, white cabinets and white linens.

For me, I’m drawn to the color because it gives a fresh, clean, bright and open feel to any room. And I’m sure I’m not the only fan out there. White has been a very trendy and popular color for awhile now. From all-white kitchens to white rugs to white furniture, it seems to have taken over a lot of design elements.

However, white can be a tricky color to decorate with because it’s easy for it to become boring, sterile or flat. But it doesn’t have to be! Today I’ll share the tricks on how to keep white from becoming stale in your decorating. Read on…


One of the most effective ways to keep white from looking flat is to use white elements that also have texture. The texture adds interest and depth which keeps the room from becoming boring.

You could try adding a textured lamp base or vases to your decor.


Or take plain white walls and spice them up with some molding like I did in my daughter’s bedroom.


White plank floors add texture and character to any room.


Use a fur throw or knitted blanket to add a layer of texture to your white bedding.



The work on my foyer/entry continues! If you missed my phase one reveal then go check it out first. Today I’m going to share phase two of this makeover…

I started off this phase by fixing an area of our foyer that wasn’t quite right. When we moved into our home I noticed that there is an area of molding underneath the main staircase that looks unfinished. Take a look:

I believe it was built this way, and it looks like the builder maybe ran out of materials and just threw on what he had left instead of buying what was needed to finish this correctly. Who knows?! But it was time for me to finally make this area look the way it was supposed to look to begin with.

I added two pieces of wood below the stringer and then continued the base cap molding all around the edges. I also installed new taller baseboards in this area. So now the whole area looks like this…

(this is after we painted the walls and before we painted the trim)

Looking better… it just needs to be painted which I’ll do later.

With that area fixed, I then continued with the baseboards. I installed new taller baseboards through the entire entry area and the upstairs hallway. Fortunately, the baseboards on both staircases were already 5 1/4” tall.

Next, it was time to get painting! My husband helped me prime and paint all the walls in the entry, upstairs hall and back staircase.

This is what it looked like before:

And after the paint:

I went with a basic white and I was surprised by how much brighter the rooms instantly felt after changing the paint color.

Painting all of the trim was the next step, but first I needed to do another project…

I wanted to do something with these decorative pieces on the end of each step on our main staircase in the foyer. These are officially called stair brackets. I am personally NOT a fan of these. I guess they are an added decorative feature, but in the area I live in these are nothing special. They are a standard builder grade element in the typical suburban house. I personally feel like this particular bracket design is very colonial looking and our home is not a pure colonial style. They just don’t fit! I’d prefer a very clean minimal look to these stairs.


I am currently working on updating our foyer/entry (check out phase one here), so I thought I’d use today’s post to give some ideas on how to make your entry more welcoming and functional.

An entryway in a home is unique in that it is the first space guests usually see. Therefore, they often make their first impression of your home when entering this space. Your entry should reflect you and feel warm and inviting; it should be a space that makes visitors want to come on in and explore more of your home.

An entry is also the last space we exit when leaving our home to go somewhere and the first place we enter when returning home. Therefore, it needs to be a very functional and organized room. This is the place we gather the last few items needed before we leave—like an umbrella or the dog’s leash. And it is the first place we drop things when we return home—like our keys or shoes.

It doesn’t matter how grand or how cramped your entry is, these are some easy things you can do to make it more welcoming and functional.


Find a unique item and display it in a prominent place in your entry. For instance, it could be a bold wall painting, an antique table, a gorgeous light fixture or a handmade rug. It doesn’t have to be large or expensive to be interesting. When entering your home it’s nice to have something that immediately draws your eye and leaves a positive impression.

Below are some interesting ways to create a focal point…


A simple and small entryway becomes anything but boring due to this bold painting that creates a major focal point.


Upon entering this foyer your eye is drawn to the graphic wallpaper which adds pattern and interest.


A grand staircase like this is sure to leave an impression once you step foot in this home.


These vintage theater seats will surely grab your attention when you enter this home… And they are very functional too!


Think about everything you like to store in your entryway, then look for decorative storage options that are not only functional but also attractive. Choose storage that is easy to access and just the right amount for the items you use. Focus on furniture with drawers or baskets so everything is neatly tucked away from plain sight. If floor space is limited, look for wall shelves or hooks.

A place to sit may be important too. If you can’t fit a large bench in the room then opt for a small stool you can slide under a console table when you aren’t using it.

Here are some of my favorite stylish entryway storage pieces…


The family’s shoes stay organized and hidden by these crates which also add character to the room.


You can easily grab your accessories from this coat rail on your way out the door.


This bench is not only functional for sitting, but it also holds a basket for storage and a few decorative pieces. It’s a great multi-functional piece of furniture for a small space.


A large console table like this provides plenty of hidden and open storage.


I have two new things to share today!!

First, I have given my website a new look!! I’d been wanting to do this for awhile and am grateful that I was finally able to squeeze some time out of my busy schedule to make the changes. I do all of the design and maintenance of my blog myself… which is crazy because I knew nothing about setting up or maintaining blogs when I started. I’m still learning so much each day!

I feel like this new website design better reflects my own personal style and is also more user-friendly. Check out my updated ‘About’ page and my new ‘Projects’, ‘Portfolio’ and ‘Design Advice’ sections for easy access to all of my DIY projects, makeovers and design tips. Hope you enjoy the new layout!

But the blog isn’t the only new thing I’m sharing with you today, I have also started a new makeover project! For this project I’ve divided all the changes I’ll be making into phases, and I’ll be sharing the reveal of each phase as I go. So today I’ll share phase one!

I am excited to finally be getting to alter one space in my home that has been bugging me for years—our foyer! I’ve had a plan to redo this area for a long time, but it kept getting bumped by more pressing projects and responsibilities. I’m so grateful to finally be able to tackle this outdated space!!

When you enter our home you come into our foyer or entry or whatever you want to call it…

this is the view from our front door

our dog says hello

This space opens to my home office…

And also opens into our dining room…

I have already given my home office and our dining room a makeover, and I’m happy with how both of those rooms turned out. However, sandwiched between these two newly updated rooms is my very outdated entryway! Right now when you walk between my dining room and my foyer it almost feels like you’re stepping into two completely different homes! So I’m very excited to finally bring some cohesion to this area of our house!

However, this makeover goes beyond just this area of our house. I’ll show you…