Welcome to Studio 36 Interiors!

The purpose of this blog is to be a source of knowledge, inspiration, and encouragement to others who are looking to affordably decorate their homes, no matter what your design style.

I believe it is possible to achieve affordable quality interior design through a combination of inspiration, education, creativity and dedication.

You can read all about me and this blog here.

I plan to post some of my own room makeovers, DIY projects, product knock-offs, cost-cutting tips, and design advice. I also know there are many amazingly talented people out there who have created things that inspire me so I will be linking to some other people’s tutorials, designs and ideas. Lastly, I will post sources for affordable decor and furniture as I find them.

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I have a Pinterest and Facebook account you can check out too.

And I’ll be posting my first project reveal soon so stay tuned…


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