I recently took on a new project: our guest bathroom. This was more than a project though, it was a challenge. It ended up being a kind of case study on what impact you can have with very little time and money (since I have little of both these days).

I challenged myself to give my guest bathroom a new look with only $300 and 5 days of work. I’m happy to say the challenge is complete and I like this bathroom so much more than I used to!

Take a look at what the bathroom originally looked like…

And here is what it looks like after 5 days and $300 invested…

Not bad for such a small investment.

I started by painting both the walls and trim white, and then I installed taller baseboards (which I’m slowly doing throughout our whole house). Next, I added shiplap to one wall in order to create a feature wall. One of the main problems with this room was that it was simply boring. There was nothing interesting happening. It became a challenge to create interest with such a limited budget.

It made sense to take this one empty wall in the room and flip it from mundane to engaging. My affordable solution was to add a black shiplap wall here. The shiplap adds pattern and dimension, and going with a black color causes it to contrast with the rest of the white room creating interest.

I opted to not chose a pure black paint color for the wall though. I was concerned that the pure black against the pure white might be a little harsh so I chose a shade of black that is slightly lighter and warmer than a pure black. I went with SW Sealskin. When you walk in the room, your eye still reads the color as black and it doesn’t feel too harsh.

I felt like a brass colored light fixture went best with this room so I found a good deal on a new modern one.

I also added a matte gold toilet tissue holder and a unique hand towel holder.

I spent awhile debating what to do on the wall over the toilet. I finally decided to add some art and chose these framed watercolor palm leaves which have a nice minimal look and supply a pop of color to the black and white color scheme.

I added a small succulent I had in another room and a new soap pump to the sink.

I updated the mirror to one with a simple black modern frame, and then finished off the room with a white pique shower curtain, a woven wastebasket, a patterned rug and a striped hand towel.

I also added new black hardware to the door which I actually purchased back when I redid our foyer. I changed out all of the door hardware in our home back then, except for this door because I knew this makeover was next on my list and it would be easier to paint the door before installing the new hardware.

Overall, I’m happy with the results of this challenge. I’m actually a little surprised by how much of an impact my limited time and money ended up having in this room! It certainly is not my dream bathroom, but every time I walk in the room I feel happy. I hope this is an encouragement to others out there to use the little time and money you have to make big changes in your home!


  • PAINT— $38
  • SHIPLAP— $58
  • WALL ART— $35
  • TOWEL RING— $14
  • MIRROR— $30
  • RUG— $19
  • SOAP PUMP— $4
  • HAND TOWEL— $6

TOTAL: $300

Note: I did use some coupons on some of these purchases.

3 thoughts on “1 BATHROOM, $300, 5 DAYS: FINAL REVEAL

  1. You did a great job! Looks so nice. Could you share where you bought the mirror, the hand towel holder, and the hand towel itself? Thank you!

    • Avatar Stephanie @ Studio 36 Interiors

      Thanks! The mirror is by Project 62 from Target, and the towel is by Hearth and Hand with Magnolia also from Target. The hand towel holder is from Amazon and I believe it is actually a toilet tissue holder.

      • Thank you so much! Target and Amazon are the best. 🙂

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