Wishing you could give your bedroom a whole new look? Well, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to make a difference. As little as a hundred dollars and a couple hours can make an impact.

Here are some ideas! Just choosing one from this list can go a long way in changing the overall look and feel of your room…


If you want to give your bedroom a refresh while only addressing one area, it might as well be your bed. After all, you probably spend most of your time in the room using your bed. Treat yourself to some luxurious new sheets, a comforter and fun throw pillows to give your bed a whole new look. There’s nothing more satisfying than falling into a bed covered with fresh new bedding after the end of a long day.

Use your bedding to introduce new colors, patterns and textures to your bedroom and it will likely end up feeling like a brand new space. There are lots of fun and trendy bedding styles out now at very reasonable prices!

Some ideas…

Plum & Bow Soukay Delicate Comforter  |  Coastal Stripe Blue Pillow
Nate Berkus Sheet Set  |  Pia Medallion Quilt & Sham


You don’t have to have a lot a space in your bedroom to make this happen. If you can’t fit a large chair or a group of seating in your room, then try a small bench below a window or at the end of your bed. Even a small chair in the corner can create a nice retreat to relax and curl up with a good book. Whatever you choose, make sure you add beautiful pillows and/or a blanket to dress it up and make it more comfortable.

Adding a special sitting area can not only expand the use of your bedroom, but it can also make it feel more tranquil and luxurious.

Some ideas…

Boston Loft Lindley Storage X Bench  |  Campground Throw Blanket
Safavieh Marcella Bench  |  Poang Chair


You often don’t need more than a weekend to give your furniture a new look. You can try adding overlays, mirrors or painting a stencil if you’re up for it, but it doesn’t have to be a challenging or time consuming project. A fresh coat of paint or new stain can make a big impact and make the whole piece of furniture feel brand new. Use your paint color choice to set the tone of the room by going with a soft relaxing hue, a bright pop of color, or a dark mysterious shade. Your options are only limited by the number of paint chips you can find!

Don’t forget to update the knobs and pulls too. Try ordering vintage ones on Etsy, or spray paint your old ones a new color for a cheaper option.

Some ideas…

Lewis Dolin Round Bar Pull in Brushed Brass  | Gray Heron by PPG Paints
Sunstone by PPG Paints  |  Vintage Metal Mid Century Pulls


Update your outdated lighting to something unique and trendy! There are a lot of affordable options out there. And don’t just change out the existing fixtures, think about where you may want to add or subtract lighting in the room. Spend a minute thinking about how you use the room and what’s working or not working for you with the lighting. Fixing your lighting problems allows you to not only update the appearance of your room but also improve its functionality.

Replacing a hardwired light fixture is usually a fairly easy and quick project to do yourself. But if it makes you nervous, there are lots of stylish plug-in fixtures these days which means you don’t have to mess with any electrical wiring.

Some ideas…

DIY Copper Wall Sconce  |  Hansel Bronze Edison Swag Chandelier
Sybil Table Lamp  |  Brass Nook Plug-in Pivoting Wall Sconce


You can really brighten up a space with some new artwork and you don’t have to spend a fortune. Do a DIY art project, hang a tapestry, or purchase posters and frame them. You can keep the budget down and the creativity high by framing unexpected things like a piece of fabric, pressed flowers, cards, book pages or handmade paper. And art isn’t just for the walls! Try adding sculpture pieces or small art pieces in tabletop frames to your dresser or nightstand.

Keep it affordable by reusing existing frames and spray painting them a new color, or purchase used frames from a thrift store. Waking up in a room surrounded by beautiful new art pieces can totally change the way you feel about your room… and maybe your day!

Some ideas…

Minted for West Elm- Seated in Greece  |  My own DIY Wood Wall Art
Mango Wood Slices  |  Galvanized Windmill Wall Decor

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