Hello, lovely readers… if there’s anyone left out there! You may have noticed I haven’t posted for awhile. I intentionally took a break from this blog after experiencing a sudden tragedy in our family shortly after my last post. During the week of Thanksgiving, my mother suffered an accident that took her life. I was very, very close with my mom, and she lived a mere 0.8 miles from our home (yes, we actually measured it on the odometer once 🙂 ). We talked every day and saw each other most days, even if it was just a quick visit.

My mom was my BIGGEST supporter in my design endeavors, wanting to get updates on all of the projects I was working on and going antiquing with me every chance she could. She was likely the only person who regularly read this blog too 🙂 . Because that’s what mothers do, they support their children no matter what!

We had recently been working closely together on a makeover for her guest room which she was really excited about. We were almost finished making an upholsterd headboard for her bed and were heading out to buy an armoire off Craigslist for her new room when she suffered a mild fall that would suddenly take her life a few hours later.

She was healthy and active and it was a shock to all who knew her. She was a two-time breast cancer survivor, and yet a small accident took her life. It doesn’t seem to make sense! But in the midst of my sadness, shock and regret, I hold onto the hope I have from knowing that she was a Christian with a strong faith in God which means she is in heaven. She is now filled with peace, joy and healing, and my heart can rest in that assurance!

Since her passing, my time has been busy trying to help my dad learn how to live on his own after losing his partner of 45 years! I have also been hesitant to move forward with my design projects since I was right in the middle of working on one with my mom at the time of her accident. For awhile, every time I thought about it I was filled with sadness over the reminder that she is no longer here to discuss it with me.

But I am grateful that I’m now ready to pick up where I left off with my design plans! I had been planning a redo of my closet right before my mom’s accident, and I finally finished it last week. Here are the before photos…




And here’s my new closet…





It’s nothing fancy or exciting, but it was a nice little project to jump into. I designed it all myself and built it with the help of my husband and my dad. I picked up the metal hooks in the last photo from a local antique store for $3 each. It’s been so great to finally have a finished closet back in my room!

I had also finished my dining room makeover last fall and had simply never gotten around to photographing it and posting about it, so I hope to finally share that reveal with you soon!

As far as my mom’s guest room makeover goes, I am putting it on hold for the time being. At this point it would be too hard for me to work on her room by myself when we had been working on together. Maybe someday I’ll be able to finish it in honor of her.


  1. Avatar Katrina Lewis

    I just found your blog and this post just has me in tears. I’m so very sorry for your loss and will be lifting you and your dad up as the holidays approach. I know your mom is smiling down from Heaven and so very proud of you! What an amazing lady you are and so very gifted with your creative, elegant and artistic eye for design! Many prayers and blessings!

    • Avatar Stephanie @ Studio 36 Interiors

      Thanks so much for your kind words and prayers!

  2. Avatar tiffany

    I just came across your blog today while searching for interior design help. You have an amazing blog and sense of style!

    I’m sorry for your loss. Sending prayers for you and your family. 🙁

  3. Avatar AmyN

    I stumbled on to your blog today – and have been really impressed with your sense of style and hard work.

    I’m very sorry about your loss as well – losing a parent is probably one of the toughest things we have to face as adults. 🙁 Heartfelt condolences.

    • Avatar Stephanie @ Studio 36 Interiors

      Thank you for the condolences and thanks for visiting the blog!

  4. Avatar KbA77

    I’m new to your amazing blog.
    Just wanted to say thank you with all my heart for all the great things, time spent, and amazing ideas and inspiration you give.
    I would also like to give my deepest and sincere apologies to you and your family. May your Mom rest in peace.

    • Avatar KBA77

      ^^^^^(Typo) –
      sincere *condolences* too , sorry for your loss.

    • Avatar Stephanie @ Studio 36 Interiors

      Thanks for the kind words!

  5. Avatar Melanie Brockman

    Nice post, Steph, especially in speaking so lovingly of your mom. It still doesn’t seem real that she is gone. Love to all of you who will always miss her. I think of her everyday I’m at Wallace with her beautiful photographs throughout the building.

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