When giving a room a new look, most people regularly add some paint to the walls, replace the floor and update the furniture and decor. But there’s one area a lot of people forget to consider: THE CEILING! The ceiling offers a great opportunity to complete the look of your room or to create something unexpected. Ceiling treatments have also been quite trendy for awhile, so now’s the time to jump in and try it!

clng-beforethe bathroom’s old ceiling

As I mentioned in my last post, I am giving my kids’ bathroom a major renovation. After giving the walls a much needed coat of fresh white paint, I turned my attention to the ceiling. As you can see it’s boring and basic. I wanted to give it some style without spending too much time or money. I decided to start by adding some color so I painted it a medium gray (BM Coventry Gray).


That alone was enough to create an immediate improvement, but I wasn’t done yet! I then added some trim to the ceiling. I wanted something more interesting than basic crown molding…

I started by installing 1×6 pine boards flat against the ceiling.


Then I added 4.25” baseboards on top of them to create a layered affect.


I finished off the edges with a simple 1×2” pine board running along the top of the wall.


I caulked everything and coated it with white semigloss paint, and here’s the final look:




I used a nail gun to install everything, and this was honestly a very easy project. All totaled, it only cost me about $135 (for paint and molding) too. For that price, I feel like I got a lot of bang for my buck!

My bathroom ceiling design is just one way to address a ceiling, there are many other more creative ways to give your ceiling new life. Here’s a roundup of some ideas (with pretty inspiration photos of course)…


Good morning lovely readers! My apologies for how long it’s been since my last post! I decided to take some time this summer to work on purging and organizing some areas around my house. I’m rather OCD about this kind of thing so it took me a little awhile, but it feels so good to have everything in order now! My kids also both started new schools in August (my son started high school and my daughter started middle school) so I’ve been busy with the rush of the new school year and trying to help my kids settle into a new routine.

I’ve taken whatever free time I could find over the last few months to work on designing and sourcing some items for two new projects. Yes, two! I’ve had two makeovers that I’ve been considering doing for awhile and I couldn’t decide which one to do next so I’m just going to do them both. Today I’ll share the first project…

But first, I want to mention my built-in bookcases were recently featured at Better Homes and Gardens Style Spotters and my bonus room was featured at Thrifty Decor Chick’s blog. There are other great projects featured at those links so go check them out!

Okay, now on to my first project…




These are current photos of our upstairs hall bathroom. This is a full bathroom that my two kids share… or at least they used to. A few years ago, my son kind of took over this bathroom and let’s just say he is the opposite of a neat freak. My daughter hardly uses it now and frankly, I don’t blame her!

This bathroom has taken a beating over the past decade. The toilet paper holder fell off about a year ago, there are stains on the walls, and the shower curtain has seen much better days! I’m so looking forward to fixing all of these issues!


But this bathroom has more problems than damage and dirtiness. Many of the elements are outdated and my kids have also outgrown the style. I gave this bathroom some colorful decoration when we first moved into this house and my kids were little. It worked well at the time, but now that my children are in the teen/tween years I know they’d prefer a bathroom with a more “mature” look. Plus, this is currently the bathroom our overnight guests use so they might appreciate something that looks a little less childish too.


I hadn’t even finished my home office makeover when I started planning for my next makeover, my dining room. My dining room happens to be another room that sits at the front of our home off the foyer like my office. And also like my office, this room is very dated looking. It badly needs to be brought into 2015 with some new colors, furniture and decor! Just take a look:


Can you tell by the color scheme and materials that I decorated this room at the same time I decorated my old office? This new dining room will have a different look than my new office though.

I have seen some inspiring neutral colored rooms recently and have been wanting to bring a neutral color palette to most of my downstairs. My dining room will be the first room christened with a neutral scheme.

I also want to infuse a more modern style into this room. My office incorporated some traditional design which was my intent, but I’m hoping this dining room will have more of a modern flair with a few traditional elements thrown in.

And because pretty pictures are so fun to look at, here are some rooms that inspired me for my dining room design…


I just returned from a trip to Asheville, NC, a small city in the Blue Ridge Mountains that is known for it’s culture, art and design. There’s a plethora of local furniture stores, consignment boutiques and antique shops, and the designer in me couldn’t resist exploring them looking for some one-of-a-kind pieces.

IMG_3814my only purchase was this modern gold vase which eventually went in my bonus room

I found so many amazing treasures, but only came home with one purchase 🙁 (when we go next year I’m bringing a bigger car 🙂 ). Since I couldn’t afford to buy everything I liked, I snapped some photos to capture the inspiration.

I collected close to 200 images of great design! I want to share these photos with you, and have narrowed down my collection to items that I hope you readers will like. Enjoy… and be inspired to go create or decorate!

You can click on any image to see a larger photo or to view the photos as an album…