• 2×6’s
  • Wood glue
  • Mending braces
  • Clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain or paint of your choice

This is a super easy low-cost project!

I used scrap 2×6’s I had lying around the garage to make these. I cut my 2×6’s into pieces a little larger than I wanted the height of each tree to be. So for instance, I knew I wanted my tallest tree to be about 15” so I cut my 2×6 to 17” just so I had a little extra room to play with.

Using a table saw, I then ripped down the 2x6s at an angle starting in the corner. I ended up cutting mine at an angle of about 15 degrees. This created one triangle that would be half of a tree.

I could then use the leftover piece of wood to cut the other half of the tree. I started my cut at the corner of the 2×6 again.

Once I had cut all of the triangles for my trees, I laid them all out on my mantle to see how they looked at the height they were at. I verified the original heights I was thinking would look good together, and then I used a miter saw to trim down my triangles to the exact height I wanted.

I sanded down any rough edges.

Next, it was time to attach each side of the tree together. I used wood glue to stick them together and added mending braces on the back side of the tree for extra support (although they may have been okay without the braces if you wanted both the front and back sides to be visible). You can clamp them together while they dry if you want. A few of my trees needed to be clamped to get a tight straight fit.

The back side of the tree

Finally, all that was left was staining them (you could obviously paint them too if you preferred). I used 3 different layers of stains for mine. I started with Minwax Classic Gray and then went over it with a layer of Minwax Weathered Oak. The Classic Gray is a nice medium stain but the color has strong blue tones which I didn’t like. The Weathered Oak is a warmer tone but it was too light (more of a wash). So by starting with the Classic Gray and then adding the Weathered Oak it warmed up the color but gave me the darker tone I wanted. 

I let that dry for a couple hours and then added a layer of white stain. Mine was a custom mixed stain, but you can also buy a white stain off the shelf in various brands. Together the three stains made a nice combination.

So there you go…super easy and cheap! The only cost to me was the mending braces which totaled less than $10. The rest of the materials I already had.

Merry Christmas!

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