Earlier this year, I began working at a new firm which prompted me to do some work on my home office. Since the new job would allow me to work from home more often, I needed to address an important problem with my existing office—it needed a way to block out the noise from the rest of the house. In other words, it needed some good soundproof doors.

After my 2015 renovation

I had given my office a major renovation back in 2015, and even then I knew that adding doors to the office was something I wanted to do. Unfortunately, the current cased opening into my office is about 7’ wide by 8’ tall which is not the right size for standard doors. So we couldn’t go buy doors off the shelf and install them ourselves. 

I also didn’t want to have the wall framed in to accommodate standard size doors because it would make the opening smaller. The current opening allows a lot of light to pass between my office and the foyer which I really like. So I realized my best solution was to order some custom doors to fit the existing cased opening. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money for custom doors back in 2015 so I wasn’t able to include them in that renovation. Fast forward to 2021, and with my new job requiring me to have online meetings from my home office, I knew it was time to finally pull the trigger on custom doors.

I contacted a local rep from Clark Hall Doors. They provide high quality doors throughout the southeast and had the style I was looking for. I was specifically interested in their Slimline doors:

I worked with the rep to create completely custom doors with sidelights. We considered a couple design options that had varying door sizes and mullion locations which changed the proportions of the glass lites. I ultimately chose this design:

I was able to pick custom hardware and went with the Aurora handle which had a nice artisan feel to it.

Since I was going to be investing some time and money to add doors to my office, I figured it was a good time to go ahead and give the room a refresh by changing out some other pieces that I no longer loved. In the end, I ended up changing out pretty much everything. 

Take a look at the final result…

This showcases the new entry doors into my office from the foyer.
A peek in…
We still have the same built-in storage we added back in our 2015 renovation. And six years later I still love it!
This is close to the view from my desk. Notice I changed out the window treatments in the room. I feel like removing the blinds helps the window feel taller and more open.
I love how the doors frame layers of elements beyond in our foyer and dining room.
I gave the decor on the built-in a major refresh. I focused on adding more texture, greenery and artisanal pieces.
This is a nice corner to sit and read. The magazine rack is a vintage piece made by one of my relatives.
I finally got around to painting the piano. It looks so much better!

I actually finished this refresh back in the spring, but work and life have kept me so busy that it’s taken me four months to get this room photographed and posted. I have really been enjoying the new office! The doors successfully create privacy and reduce sound, plus we’ve gotten a lot of compliments on their look. It’s so nice to now have a beautiful and functional place to work when I am working remotely.


2 thoughts on “HOME OFFICE REFRESH

  1. Avatar Melanie Brockman

    Looks great-what kind of paint did you use on the piano? Do you take music breaks?

    • Avatar Stephanie @ Studio 36 Interiors

      I used chalk paint. It’s great for painting a piano because you don’t have to sand first. Unfortunately, I don’t take music breaks because I can’t really play. But my daughter plays.

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