Last week, I shared my laundry room makeover. I knew that part of the makeover would include changing out the light fixture. This boring builders grade ceiling light was not cutting it…


So I started looking for a new pendant fixture to replace it with. I struggled to find something I liked that also worked with my laundry room. For instance, I loved this one from Crate & Barrel:


But it just didn’t work with the casual feel of my laundry room.

I thought this lantern pendant was more in line with my laundry room decor, but I it seemed too boring:


So I came up with an idea in my head for a lantern fixture tweaked into something more interesting. It was inspired by my current love for herringbone prints.



I looked at my laundry room ceiling and estimated an 11” cube would be the most proportional size for the room. Then I drew it out in 3D so I could get an idea of how it would look.

lite fixt scaled 3

The drawing also allowed me to measure each piece of the light so I knew how much wood I needed to buy. I bought nine 3/4” x 36” dowels from Home Depot.


I started by making a square for the bottom of my cube. I cut four 11” long pieces with the ends cut at a 45° angle.

Then I used extra strength glue to glue them together into a square. I used a t-square to make sure they were each a perfect right angle.



Now I just repeated those same steps to make another square for the top of my cube.

Once those were dry, I cut four more pieces of wood each 9.5” long. These were my vertical pieces of the cube. I glued them to the the bottom square I had made.


Then I glued the top square on top of them, and I now had a cube.


I decided to strengthen my cube by adding some small finishing nails to each corner. I wanted to make sure that if anyone accidentally knocked into the light fixture it wouldn’t fall apart 🙂 . The nails gave it some good stability.

With my cube made, it was time to add the diagonals. For each diagonal piece I cut the ends into a point so they would fit into the corner of each square and be centered.



In order to follow the herringbone pattern that was my inspiration, I made sure the direction of the diagonals mirrored each other as the pattern changed from side to side.


Once I had the four main diagonals glued into place, I began cutting the smaller diagonal pieces, making sure each end was cut at a 45° angle.

I wanted each of the diagonals to be evenly spaced in the square so I used a tape measure and pencil to mark where I needed to glue each piece.


A little glue later… and all of the diagonal pieces were in place.


For the the actual hardware of the light I purchased a basic pendant light kit like this one from Amazon.


In order to connect this light kit to my cube, I needed to add some wood to the top of the cube so there would be a place to thread it through the bottom of the light fixture.

I had some leftover 1” x 2” wood pieces from another project that I cut to create a cross between the top square of the cube. I reinforced the cross with some finishing nails.

Then I made a hole in the middle of the cross that was big enough to allow for the threaded area of the light kit to fit through it.



Now that my cube was complete, I used wood filler to cover my nail holes and fill in any small gaps in the connection points.

Once I sanded the wood filler I gave the whole thing a good coat of glossy gray spray paint. I also painted the light kit to match the cube.

Then my husband connected the wiring for me, and finally this light was up and working!



  1. Avatar Judy Saunders

    I really like the light fixture and I like your photos. Great job! Love your creativity!

  2. Avatar Patty

    That’s awesome! Very nice. I need a new foyer light…

    • Avatar Stephanie @ Studio 36 Interiors

      Thanks! It’s really easy to make. I think it would look good stained too.

  3. Avatar Dan

    wow that is very cool!

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