Good morning lovely readers! My apologies for how long it’s been since my last post! I decided to take some time this summer to work on purging and organizing some areas around my house. I’m rather OCD about this kind of thing so it took me a little awhile, but it feels so good to have everything in order now! My kids also both started new schools in August (my son started high school and my daughter started middle school) so I’ve been busy with the rush of the new school year and trying to help my kids settle into a new routine.

I’ve taken whatever free time I could find over the last few months to work on designing and sourcing some items for two new projects. Yes, two! I’ve had two makeovers that I’ve been considering doing for awhile and I couldn’t decide which one to do next so I’m just going to do them both. Today I’ll share the first project…

But first, I want to mention my built-in bookcases were recently featured at Better Homes and Gardens Style Spotters and my bonus room was featured at Thrifty Decor Chick’s blog. There are other great projects featured at those links so go check them out!

Okay, now on to my first project…




These are current photos of our upstairs hall bathroom. This is a full bathroom that my two kids share… or at least they used to. A few years ago, my son kind of took over this bathroom and let’s just say he is the opposite of a neat freak. My daughter hardly uses it now and frankly, I don’t blame her!

This bathroom has taken a beating over the past decade. The toilet paper holder fell off about a year ago, there are stains on the walls, and the shower curtain has seen much better days! I’m so looking forward to fixing all of these issues!


But this bathroom has more problems than damage and dirtiness. Many of the elements are outdated and my kids have also outgrown the style. I gave this bathroom some colorful decoration when we first moved into this house and my kids were little. It worked well at the time, but now that my children are in the teen/tween years I know they’d prefer a bathroom with a more “mature” look. Plus, this is currently the bathroom our overnight guests use so they might appreciate something that looks a little less childish too.

As I sat down to plan this remodel and start sourcing some items, I quickly saw the budget soar! Before I knew it, I was estimating a cost of $7000 to turn this into a nice bathroom. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised. I know bathroom renos are expensive! Bathrooms sit right behind kitchens as the most expensive room in the house to renovate.

Still, that $7000 total caused me to take a step back and think this through. First, we simply don’t have an extra $7000 sitting around to spend on our home, but even if we did it wouldn’t be worth spending that much money on this bathroom. If I’m going to sink some money into a bathroom makeover, I’d much rather spend it on the other two bathrooms in our home—the master bathroom and our downstairs bathroom. From a real estate stand point, the master bathroom is a room that’s worth putting money into because most buyers prioritize a great master bath. And well, our master bath could also use a major renovation (I already have the whole design in my head 🙂 just not the cash in my wallet 🙁 ). I realized we simply don’t have the money to spend $7000 on the LEAST important bathroom in our home… Yet, it still needs a pretty major update!

So I decided to make it my goal to stay in the $1500-$2000 range for the budget of this bathroom. And that’s going to be a big challenge!!! Like I said, bathroom renos are expensive! A $7000 bathroom reno is actually a pretty average price for a secondary bathroom redo (master bathrooms tend to cost more). Bringing everything down to under $2000 is going to require getting creative, but I’m ready for the challenge!

Before we get to my design let’s take a look at my inspiration!

I love the mix of the cabinet color, gold hardware, rich wood floors and fresh white walls in this kitchen. I will choose a paint color for my vanity based solely on this photo…


I’m a fan of the simple patterns, colors and materials of this bohemian modern bedroom…


This bathroom has a fresh feel and the brass fixtures really stand out. Plus that cement tile…swoon!…


Love the marble hex floor tile paired with the dark vanity here… and I want a basket like the one on the counter. It adds great texture to the room…


I like the colors, textures and feel of this modern bathroom…


My limited budget has definitely forced me to concede some items on my wish list. First, I will not be able to completely replace the bathtub and add tile around it. The tub we currently have will stay and since there’s nothing major wrong with it I’m okay with that. Second, I longed for an awesome patterned cement tile for the floor, but at $28/sq ft that was not going to fit in my budget! After searching for an affordable alternative I found nothing that worked with my design, so I’ll be doing a simple hexagon tile instead.

I’ve come up with a plan for a contemporary neutral colored bathroom with a little boho modern style. Here is my design board!


So overall, my goals for this room are:

  • update the outdated builder grade flooring, lighting, towel hardware, faucets, countertop and vanity
  • fix the damaged items in the room including the broken toilet paper holder, stained walls, worn shower curtain and rusted shower curtain hooks
  • replace the fun childish feel of the room with a more mature refined style
  • provide adequate storage

I will have some DIY projects, design tips and budget ideas to share for this room in some upcoming posts. But next, I’ll be revealing the second project I am working on so stay tuned!


  1. Our bathrooms all need renovated as well. We are running into the same issue with the upstairs bath. Can’t afford to replace the tub and tile that is perfectly functional, but the sink, floor, and fixtures definitely have to go! Budgets can sometimes lead to fun and innovative design 🙂 Loving all of your choices.

    • Avatar Stephanie @ Studio 36 Interiors

      Thanks Teresa! You’re right, a lot of innovative ideas were created due to limited budgets; not sure if I’ll be lucky enough to have that happen with this bathroom though… Good luck with your bathrooms!

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