Happy New Year!

I had mentioned a little while ago that my kids’ bathroom reno was not the only project I was going to be working on. Shortly after posting that, we had dear friends of ours who now live on the other side of the world ask if they could stay with us for a little while during the holidays. I, of course, said yes and was looking forward to seeing them, but realized that the bathroom we had just started renovating is the bathroom that they would normally use as overnight guests at our house. Ugh!!! I felt a time crunch to hurry up and get that bathroom finished before their arrival so I put my other project on hold so I could go full force on the bathroom reno.

Well, the holidays are now over and we had a wonderful time with our friends! But sadly the bathroom reno was not completely finished when they came 🙁 . I made a lot of progress but still didn’t have any functional sinks in there. Yikes! Fortunately, they are gracious people and were okay with it… And fortunately we have two other fully functional bathrooms in the house.

I am now close to finishing up the kids’ bathroom, but I’ve also gone back to doing some work on my second project so I’ll give you a look at that today.

My daughter, who recently started middle school, has spent the last year and a half asking me if I could give her bedroom a makeover. She’s watched me redo other rooms in our home and enjoyed the final results, so she thought it’d be fun if I gave her own bedroom a new look—a more mature look now that she’s so old.

Here is her current room:




I decorated her current bedroom when she outgrew her crib ten years ago. I’ll never forget the experience! My kids spent a week with their grandparents out of state, and I spent nearly every hour they were gone transforming my daughter’s room into a new “big girl” room so that it would be completely finished when she returned.


I created my own stencil for these daisies on the wall which go all around her room. With my OCD I had to get each one perfect, so I ended up touching up every line by hand which took about three straight days of work! But it was all worth it in the end because my daughter came home so excited to see her new “big girl” room!

Now that she’s getting close to the teen years, she feels like this is a “little girl” room and she wants something cooler. I was happy to oblige! I have to admit I was excited about the idea of redoing her room for her. It’s fun having my daughter as my client and getting to create the perfect bedroom for my favorite girl in the world!

My inspiration for the design of her room came from old New York City apartments and brownstones. So many of the old New York buildings are filled with so much character and detail. They tend to have a traditional look influenced by various European styles. Just take a look at what I’m talking about…


What I love is contrasting the ultra traditional style rooms with fresh new modern furnishings. The juxtaposition of the two opposing styles brings interest and life to the room. Take a look at this room as an example:


I love the ornate traditional setting of this room with the classy modern furnishings mixed with a little feminine glam. This is the look I am going for in my daughter’s bedroom!

Unfortunately, my daughter doesn’t have an amazing old NYC bedroom filled with character like the room pictured above, but my goal is NOT to make her room look exactly like an old Brooklyn brownstone. My goal is to play with the contrast of ornate traditional design mixed with minimal modern design.

Instead of sharing my design board, I’ll mix it up a little this time and show you my design plans a little differently…

The color palette:


Here are some pieces I’ve considered for her chandelier:


5-light Crystal Chandelier  |  Louise Chandelier  |  Luna Capiz Pendant

Here are my top picks for her nightstands:


Emily & Meritt Bedside Table  |  Highland Honeycomb Barrel  |  Arley Accent Table

I’m going to include a chair for lounging or reading in the corner of the room. These are some good ones:


Mid-century Modern Scandinavian Chair  |  Arlette Tufted Chair  |  Louis Style Ghost Chair

Here are just a few decor ideas:


Blomster Candlesticks  |  Pink Glass Candle Holder  |  Baroque Frame

Storage is a necessity in a teen bedroom. These are some potential pieces:


Kate Spade Trinket Tray  |  Porcelain Box  |  Cross Reference Memo Holder

Here are the bedding options:


Pinched Pleat Comforter Set  |  Mongolian Faux Fur Throw  |  Layla Velvet Bedding

These are some of my pillow choices:

Love Gold Pillow  |  Canvas Pillow Cover  |  Global Lumbar Pillow

Here are my final picks for an area rug:


Souk Wool Rug  |  Plus Sign Printed Rug  |  NuLoom Vintage Rug

After discussing it with my daughter, my goals for this room are:

  • update the childish style of the room with a more mature style, yet keep it comfortable and fun for a teen girl
  • create an area for her to do homework
  • create a vanity area for her to do her hair (and makeup in the future)
  • personalize the room to her
  • provide adequate storage
  • give the room a lighter feel

And, of course, I’ll be doing all of this on a budget too! I plan to share some DIY projects from this room and some tips for creating a new bedroom for your teen. So check back soon!

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