My dining room reveal is almost ready, I’m just waiting on one thing. Unfortunately, that one thing is the result of an unexpected accident. A few weeks ago, my son was playing with our dog in the dining room and he accidentally broke the light fixture we have in the room. We had installed that pendant light about seven years ago, and while it wasn’t my favorite choice for lighting in the dining room, it still worked with the design. So in an effort to stay on budget I had decided to just keep it in the room as is. That was until my son’s incident. The bad news is I now have to spend more money on my makeover. The good news is I got to search for a pendant I liked better than what was there 🙂 .

I have found a pendant light that I just love but is still reasonably priced. It’s on it’s way now so as soon as it’s delivered we’ll install it, and then I’ll be ready to reveal my new dining room!

In the meantime, I’ll share some new projects that I’ve started on…

I have a new makeover that I’m working on for my mom. It’s an interesting and challenging project which I love! She is using one of the bedrooms in her home as a guest bedroom/photography studio. My mom is an avid nature photographer and she uses this room to store her fairly large photo printer, inks, paper, mats and frames. She also likes to hang her photos on the wall in here so she can step back and see how they look printed out and matted.

At that same time, this room serves as a guest room for visitors. So there are a couple different functions happening in here.

This is what her room looks like right now:



A big focus of this room will be creating a way for her to easily display and change her photos on the wall.

Her photos are often filled with color, so it made sense to keep the color scheme of the room simple and mostly neutral so that the colors in her photos aren’t “fighting with” all of the colors in the room. The only color I have added to the palette is navy since it works well with all other colors (… some people even consider navy to officially be a neutral color). This color scheme will set a neutral backdrop for her many colorful photos and help them pop in the room.

Her budget is fairly limited, but she has agreed to pitch in where she can to do some projects in order to help reduce the cost.

Despite the challenges and limitations, I’ve come up with an exciting plan for her room. Here’s the design board:


I will be sharing some DIY projects for this room that will include furniture makeovers and a special project for displaying her photos.

At the same time, I have a smaller project happening at my own house.

When we moved into our home I noticed all of the closets had this white wire shelving.


I hate this shelving! Not only is it ugly, but it’s also annoying! So I have been slowly replacing this wire junk with custom wood shelving for awhile now. We have ten closets in the house plus the laundry room and pantry that need to be replaced, so that’s 12 spaces to redo! So far, I’ve finished seven of them.

My plan was to save all of the old white wire shelves and install them in our garage since we had an absolutely horrible collection of random storage pieces in there that just weren’t working. This wire shelving isn’t great for inside the home, but it’s not a bad option for the garage… plus it was all FREE!

A year ago, even though I wasn’t finished redoing all the closets yet, I decided it was time to take the wire shelving I had already removed and go ahead and give the garage a storage makeover.

I came up with a design for the garage that neatly arranged the random sized shelving pieces we had, but in order to finish my layout I needed some more shelving—specifically four pieces from my master bedroom closet. Only problem was I hadn’t yet redone my closet. No big deal! I figured I could rip out the four pieces I needed from my closet, install them in the garage, and then go ahead and redo my entire closet after I was done with the garage.

Good plan… however, I never got around to redoing my closet! Here it is a year later, and my closet looks sad and messy with most of the shelves missing…



After a year of using THAT as my closet I cannot take it anymore!! All of my own planned room makeovers are on hold until I can get myself a nice functional closet.

Thankfully, our master bedroom has two walk-in closets so I’ve been storing a lot of stuff in my husband’s closet the past year. But it’s time to get this stupid closet situation fixed!

Once I have finished the install, I’ll share the final look with you. I also have a “trash to treasure” project planned for my closet that I’ll be sharing soon.

So for the next few months I’ll be busy with these projects. And hopefully I’ll be revealing my dining room makeover soon!

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