I recently gave my laundry room a makeover. Here is the design board I made for the room:


Notice I have a small accent rug in the design board that never made it into my makeover. The color of this rug I had chosen ended up being off from the online photo and didn’t match the room at all. I couldn’t find another rug that I felt worked in the space so I decided to just skip the rug for now and wait until I came across something that coordinated.

Well, I recently found this great accent rug online and thought it would be perfect for my laundry room…


I like that the rug pattern mirrors the pattern of my light fixture…


I’m very happy with how the new rug looks in the room, and I think it really does complete it.


I felt that there was way too much white happening on the lower half of the room before my update…


…and the rug helps break it up and bring some color and texture to the area.


This little rug is evidence that sometimes it takes a lot of patience to wait for just the right product that will really work in a room.

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