I am so excited to announce that I am done with the renovation of my kids’ bathroom!!! Bathroom renovations are never fun as you usually have to spend some time living without a useable bathroom. We spent three months without a fully functioning bathroom, including the holiday season when we had guests staying with us, but fortunately we do have two other full bathrooms in the house. I literally had a couple days in December where I spent all day out in the garage building the vanity, working hard, covered in sawdust and paint, and then quickly had to clean up to look nice and rush off to attend a Christmas party. It made for a unique and extra busy holiday season but it was all worth it!

Let’s get to it… Here’s a reminder of what the bathroom used to look like:




And here is the new bathroom!

I wish I could have gutted the tub/shower combo and replaced it with a new tub and tile surround, but our limited budget kept me from being able to do that. As much as I wish I had a nice new tub area, I still feel like it was the right decision to not invest money in that.

So let’s get to the details of this reno…

the walls + ceiling

I started by covering up the old blue paint and stencil on the walls with a couple coats of white paint. This set a clean neutral background for everything else in the room.

I then focused on the ceiling, painting it gray and adding some trim. It brings a nice little surprise to the room. You can read all about the details of that here.

the floor

I knew the old vinyl flooring had to be replaced with tile and I strongly considered putting down a gray and white patterned concrete tile, but in the end I realized it would put me over budget since it was about $30/sf. I also was a little hesitant about it being too trendy and potentially wanting to rip it out in a few years if it goes out of style. So I opted to go with a classic 2-inch white hexagon tile instead… the timeless look will always be in style!

I originally planned on installing the tile myself with the help of my husband in order to save some money. We have never installed tile before, but after talking to a couple friends who have, it definitely sounded like something we could do without a problem. The only issue was finding some free time to actually get the work done! Especially with it being the beginning of the holiday season at the time, we were feeling a big time constraint in our schedules and so I considered hiring a pro to install it instead. I hated the idea of spending money on something I knew my husband and I could easily do ourselves, but for the sake of our family’s sanity I started interviewing tile installers. I ended up finding someone who could do it for a very reasonable price and have it installed and done in a day and a half so I gave in and hired him. The extra money spent was worth the time savings! Considering our busy schedules and the fact we had never done this before, there’s NO WAY my husband and I could have finished the project in a day and a half!!

We did volunteer to do some of the work ourselves in order to reduce the overall cost though. We demo’d the old floor and underlayment, removed and replaced the toilet, removed the old baseboards and installed the new taller baseboards. Those were tasks that were easy to do and didn’t take us long to complete, and it reduced the bill from the tiler by about $350. So we ended up only paying the tiler to install the tile and grout it, as well as fix some unexpected water damage we found on the sub floor.

I do really love the timeless pattern of the floor and think it works well with the boho modern style I was going for.

the vanity

I was looking to purchase a vanity in this style and was so disappointed to discover that everything I liked was really expensive. My favorite option was about $1200 and it still wasn’t the color I wanted so I’d have to paint it, plus it was a little longer than I wanted. I quickly realized that my best option was to make my own custom vanity from scratch. It was a big project but it allowed me to get the look I wanted customized to my bathroom, all for a fraction of the cost it would have been if I’d purchased a custom vanity! I couldn’t find any existing plans for a vanity like this online so I made up my own plans. Here’s a link to the tutorial for this vanity: DIY Bathroom Double Vanity.

All four drawers in the vanity open and have these cool little compartments in them… perfect for my obsession with efficient storage.

Plus, I love the additional open storage on the bottom.

I painted it a deep navy color (Naval by SW) and added modern brushed brass drawer pulls. I love the rich navy and brass colors against the soft white and gray background of the floor and walls.

the countertop, sinks + faucets

The countertop was a big decision for me! I considered a variety of options but ended up going with an ash wood countertop that I made myself. I ultimately chose a wood countertop because it was very affordable and it was the best fit for the boho modern casual style of the room. I learned a lot about wood countertops during this process and wrote a whole post about it here.

I am really happy with how the countertop turned out. I love the rich color and texture the wood brings to the room!

I installed simple square vessel sinks and oil rubbed bronze vessel faucets. I didn’t want all of the metal fixtures in the room to totally match and come from the same product line.

the lighting

I replaced the tacky builder grade lighting with these modern gold sconces. Way more stylish!

the towel hardware and towels

I replaced the old polished chrome towel fixtures with these brushed gold modern ones. The toilet paper holder is actually a towel ring. I didn’t like the toilet paper holder that was part of this product line because I had one with a similar design before and the roll of toilet paper always fell off. Annoying! So I refused to buy another holder with the same design. I realized the towel ring is the right size to also hold a roll of toilet paper and we have the same style toilet paper holder as this in our master bathroom and the roll never comes off, so I knew I’d like it. Bonus was the towel ring was cheaper than the official toilet paper holder that was part of the line anyway.

These towel hooks are mounted right outside the shower. I ordered the black wrought iron hooks for $6 total from Amazon, and then mounted them to a piece of scrap pallet wood I had leftover from our pallet wall project. Not too bad for $6!

I freshened up the place with some plush white bath towels and these gray and white striped turkish hand towels. Since my two kids share this bathroom, I installed two separate towel rings by each sink so they can each have their “own space”.

the wall art

I dressed up the back room with this wood wall art piece I made for $13. Check out my post about that here.

the finishing touches

I finished off the room with some simple accessories like the baskets, a marble toothbrush holder, a plant and a minimal frameless mirror.

the budget breakdown

My biggest challenge for this room was trying to create a completely new look on a major budget. My goal was to keep everything under $2000. I’m happy to say I accomplished that! Here is the overall budget breakdown:

  • MOLDING/TRIM— $138
  • PAINT— $30
  • LIGHTING— $195
  • MIRROR— $47

For a total of $1977. I used a couple of coupons for some of these purchases, but did not receive any free products for this reno.

the source list

CEILING PAINT  |  Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray
VANITY PAINT  |  Sherwin Williams Naval
FLOOR TILE  |  Best Tile
LIGHT FIXTURES  |  Overstock
MIRROR  |  Lowe’s Home Improvement
SHOWER CURTAIN  |  Urban Outfitters
TOWELS  |  Overstock, Amazon
RUG  |  Urban Outfitters

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  1. Avatar Maggie

    What is the color/brand of the grout?

    • Avatar Stephanie @ Studio 36 Interiors

      We had a professional tiler install it, and I can’t remember the exact name and brand of the grout. He just showed me swatches of what they had available and that’s what I picked. It’s a medium gray color. Sorry I don’t have any more info!

  2. Avatar Jessica

    I’m trying to get the towel ring and drawer pulls but there are concerns with the colors matching for sure…can you tell me the name of the drawer pulls and towel rings you purchased and if they match well? I’ve found the amerock arrondi towel ring that looks similar but all the pulls vary and have bad reviews on alot of them.

    • Avatar Stephanie @ Studio 36 Interiors

      Hi Jessica,
      Yes, it was the Amerock Arrondi towel ring in brushed bronze, and then for the drawer pulls I ordered Probrico Gold Cabinet Drawer Pulls Brushed Brass Modern Cabinet Hardware. They match well enough for me, however neither is quite as bright yellow as the photos show on Amazon. Hope that helps!

      • Avatar Jessica

        Thanks so much! You have done a beautiful job!! Great taste!

  3. Avatar Kenneth Payne

    We have been trying to find some plans for vanity just like this, excited i found you! What type of wood did you use for your vanity top? How was in constructed?

    • Avatar Stephanie @ Studio 36 Interiors

      I’m so glad you found my site and my vanity plans are helpful! The countertop is made from ash, and I have a whole post that details how I made this countertop:


  4. This looks awesome! Love what you did with the vanity (and that it was self made!), and especially the contrast between the navy and white.

  5. Avatar Stephanie F

    Awesome job! You are amazing. So glad your son has a place to do his hair now 😉

    • Avatar Stephanie @ Studio 36 Interiors

      LOL! Thanks Stephanie!

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