So I am finally finished with my daughter’s bedroom makeover and this has been a LONG time coming! I was expecting to have this room finished a year ago… talk about delays!! One unexpected thing after another kept popping up, including a fire in our garage, a burst hot water heater in the attic, and lots of sicknesses/injuries. But I’ve learned a lot from the unwanted interruptions! I’ve learned to be more patient, focus on the positives, stay persistent, and make the most out of what life gives you. Those are all very important lessons!!

So time for the photos… Here is what her room looked like before—fit for a little girl:

My goal for this room was to create a more mature look that mixed formal traditional and casual modern elements, while also being very functional.

And here is what it looks like now—much more appropriate for a teenager:

All the details…

the ceiling

The first thing I did in this room was paint the ceiling a warm gray. It needed a fresh coat of paint and since the walls were going to be all white, I decided to mix things up a little and add some color to the ceiling.

the walls

The walls ended up being a big part of the transformation for this room. I started by painting them all white to cover up the old stencil and lighten up the room. Then it was time to add some molding! The molding brought some traditional flair to the room and added interest to the plain white walls.

I installed layered crown molding all around the room. I placed a baseboard upside down against the ceiling then added a piece of crown molding on top.

I also added some trim along the top of all the baseboards.

But I wasn’t done yet… I created a pattern of picture frame molding on the wall behind the bed to create a feature wall. I drew out the pattern on my computer first, then I drew the pattern on the wall with a pencil. It was then a very easy process of cutting and nailing the pieces to the wall. I painted the feature wall and all the molding with white semi-gloss paint.

I decided to paint the two side panels of the feature wall with chalkboard paint. This accomplished three things: 1) it helped to visually frame the bed, 2) it brought some black color into the room to contrast the white walls, and 3) it gave my daughter a fun space to write and create what she wants. She was seriously excited about the chalkboards 🙂 .

Just the changes I made on the walls made a HUGE difference in the look of the room!

the floor

The floor was a simple update. I added a 5’x7′ area rug with a modern graphic swiss cross print.

the built-in

I decided to create a small built-in “cubby” as I call it in the corner of her room. It’s a narrow shelf area between the studs in her wall. I’ve seen people create this type of built-in in bathrooms before but never seen it in a bedroom. It’s not large enough to hold a bunch of books or big items, but for a teenage girl it’s the perfect place to store framed photos, special mementos, or little boxes and trinkets. I finished it off with some peel and stick wallpaper along the back. I love the formal traditional molding mixed with the modern herringbone printed wallpaper.

Here is the post on how I created this. It was super easy and I feel like it adds a lot to her room!

the furniture

The only piece of furniture that I kept from her original room was the french provincial bed, which I gave a clean coat of white furniture paint.

I removed the old matching nightstand and replaced it with two smaller gold stools. These new nightstands help to create a symmetrical feature wall and also add a pop of modern sculpture against the traditional style bed and molding on the feature wall.

My daughter requested a desk to do her homework and a vanity to do her hair/makeup. She also needed a small dresser for storage. Three pieces of furniture was too much for this fairly small room. So I decided to combine all three pieces into one. I call this the “desker” (a dresser combined with a desk). This single piece of furniture allows her to do her homework, do her hair/makeup and store clothes as well as desk supplies, all while taking up a small amount of space in her room.

Here is a separate post about how I made this “desker”.

By combining the desk, dresser and vanity all into one piece, it left me enough space to add a chair in the corner of the room. My daughter had specifically asked for a chair for extra seating when her friends come over. Seating is important in a teen bedroom!

the lighting

I replaced her purple little girl chandelier with this more glamorous and mature option. I actually purchased this chandelier a couple years ago for our master bedroom. We had very limited light in our bedroom and there was wiring for an overhead light but one had never been installed. So I purchased this chandelier and hung it in the room to solve our lack of lighting problem. But now I realize it’s not the best fit for the style I want in our master bedroom. Our bedroom has needed a makeover for a little while and I recently came up with a new plan for the room and quickly realized that I want the room to be way more casual and relaxed than this formal chandelier. Fortunately the chandelier works perfectly with the style of my daughter’s bedroom so I simply swapped the chandelier in our room for the one in her room. Eventually when I redo our master bedroom I’ll replace it with a new chandelier but for now my daughter’s old chandelier is functional, plus I took off the purple bows and shades so it looks better.

A single overhead light is often not enough lighting for a bedroom. There needs to be some task lighting too. So I added this awesome gold desk lamp that I found in the clearance section of HomeGoods for $22—total steal!

I also installed a simple brass wall lamp above her bed so she has a reading light… she likes to read before she goes to bed.

the bedding + curtains

The new white duvet set freshens up the room and the pintuck finish keeps it from being too boring. I couldn’t find any linen blush pink colored 20” pillow covers at the time I was sourcing this room (which was over a year ago!) so I made them myself from an extra curtain I ordered when I ordered the window curtains from Land of Nod. I followed my own easy envelope pillow cover tutorial. The throw blanket was another great buy from HomeGoods and it adds some plush texture to the room.

The linen blush pink curtains bring some soft color to the room without overwhelming it. I went with a white curtain rod to keep the room light and bright.

the finishing touches

My daughter specifically requested a memo board in her room so I made a unique DIY one which you can read about here.

Finally, I filled in some decor pieces around the room. I added some pieces that are personal to her, some storage containers, and some greenery for added color. A few items, like the brass elephant bank, I found at local antique markets.

I am happy to report that I met all the goals that we had established for this room (read about those here), and I’m even more happy to report that my daughter LOVES her new room…and honestly I do too! I think I’ll swap rooms with her ;).

If this has inspired you to redecorate a teen/tween bedroom, you can get some tips and advice from this post.

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  1. Avatar Allyson Israel

    Where did you get the stools and the curtains?

    • Avatar Stephanie @ Studio 36 Interiors

      The gold stools were from Target and the curtains were from Land of Nod.

  2. Avatar Theda

    Stunning!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Avatar Stephanie

    Your daughter is one lucky girl! Amazing transformation!

  4. Avatar Lydia

    Wow, this is gorgeous! Lots of inspiration for me here. Thanks for sharing this!

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