I hadn’t even finished my home office makeover when I started planning for my next makeover, my dining room. My dining room happens to be another room that sits at the front of our home off the foyer like my office. And also like my office, this room is very dated looking. It badly needs to be brought into 2015 with some new colors, furniture and decor! Just take a look:


Can you tell by the color scheme and materials that I decorated this room at the same time I decorated my old office? This new dining room will have a different look than my new office though.

I have seen some inspiring neutral colored rooms recently and have been wanting to bring a neutral color palette to most of my downstairs. My dining room will be the first room christened with a neutral scheme.

I also want to infuse a more modern style into this room. My office incorporated some traditional design which was my intent, but I’m hoping this dining room will have more of a modern flair with a few traditional elements thrown in.

And because pretty pictures are so fun to look at, here are some rooms that inspired me for my dining room design…

Look at this gorgeous molding along the ceiling of this dining room, not to mention the beautiful table and light fixture:


This dining room looks pretty simple, but each element of it is well designed:


This isn’t my favorite style, but I love the colors and the gray buffet:


This dining room has a nice glam look. I’m so in love with the inlay in the buffet doors:


I know, this isn’t a dining room, and that’s because I don’t limit my search for inspiration to just dining rooms. I love the molding and the soft neutral color scheme of this living room. I’m going to try to apply those elements to my dining room:


A bright and formal neutral palette dining room:


Another room that’s not a dining room, but I love the colors and textures in this room. I like the small insertions of black into the color scheme because it’s nicely balanced and doesn’t overwhelm the room and darken it:


I like the chairs, the table and the soft colors of this dining room:


Ideally, my dining room makeover shouldn’t take as long to complete as my office did, however I know not to speak too soon. I never expected my office to take as long as it did so I am making no promises, but I’m hoping to finish this dining room up in about six weeks. I have some DIY projects planned for this room that I plan to share with you soon!

As we get into the fall season, I am also planning to take some tours… of homes. I plan to attend the Triangle AIA tour in September and the Wake County Parade of Homes Tour in October. Hopefully I’ll be able to share some great photos of cutting edge design and decorating ideas from these homes with you lovely readers.

I am also doing some marketing with this blog trying to get my name out there a little which takes time that you readers can’t see. So if I’m not posting for a little while it means I’m working on marketing. If you know anyone who’d enjoy this blog then pass it on. Thanks!

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