Earlier this year, I began working at a new firm which prompted me to do some work on my home office. Since the new job would allow me to work from home more often, I needed to address an important problem with my existing office—it needed a way to block out the noise from the rest of the house. In other words, it needed some good soundproof doors.

After my 2015 renovation

I had given my office a major renovation back in 2015, and even then I knew that adding doors to the office was something I wanted to do. Unfortunately, the current cased opening into my office is about 7’ wide by 8’ tall which is not the right size for standard doors. So we couldn’t go buy doors off the shelf and install them ourselves. 

I also didn’t want to have the wall framed in to accommodate standard size doors because it would make the opening smaller. The current opening allows a lot of light to pass between my office and the foyer which I really like. So I realized my best solution was to order some custom doors to fit the existing cased opening. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money for custom doors back in 2015 so I wasn’t able to include them in that renovation. Fast forward to 2021, and with my new job requiring me to have online meetings from my home office, I knew it was time to finally pull the trigger on custom doors.

I contacted a local rep from Clark Hall Doors. They provide high quality doors throughout the southeast and had the style I was looking for. I was specifically interested in their Slimline doors:

I worked with the rep to create completely custom doors with sidelights. We considered a couple design options that had varying door sizes and mullion locations which changed the proportions of the glass lites. I ultimately chose this design:

I was able to pick custom hardware and went with the Aurora handle which had a nice artisan feel to it.

Since I was going to be investing some time and money to add doors to my office, I figured it was a good time to go ahead and give the room a refresh by changing out some other pieces that I no longer loved. In the end, I ended up changing out pretty much everything. 

Take a look at the final result…


I am excited to share a new reveal with you today! I’ve been waiting a long time to change our guest bedroom. Our previous guest room was in an upstairs bedroom that is right next to our kids’ bedrooms. Our guests would always have to share the nearby hall bathroom with my kids which was never ideal. Many years ago, I decided it would be better to move the guest room to a spare room downstairs. This room is right next to a full bath providing our guests with their own private suite away from our family who all have bedrooms upstairs. As our parents aged, they have also reached a point where it’s harder for them to go up the stairs, so having a guest room on the first floor was an important change to make. After many years of wanting to make this change, I finally found the time!

Unfortunately, this transformation wasn’t as simple as moving everything in our old guest room down to the new room. For one thing, the new room is smaller than the old one so all of the furniture wouldn’t fit in the new room. Also, the furniture we had in the old room was not my favorite. It was one of the first online furniture orders I ever made many years ago, and the color of the furniture was completely different than the online photo. I kept it anyway because it was too expensive to return it, but the color has always bugged me. And the furniture wasn’t the only thing that bugged me. The color scheme and decor of the old guest room was definitely blah and not up to par. So I decided to not keep anything from the old room to reuse in the new room which meant this room became a new design project for me, and I would be starting with a clean slate.

Here are the before photos of the room downstairs that would become our new guest bedroom. My husband had been using this room as his home office since Covid hit and he started working from home…

As you can see, it was not in good condition. This was the one room that we hadn’t updated at all (not even paint) since we moved into our house 15 years ago! So it definitely needed some love!

Another issue with this room is that there is no closet. I considered building a closet, but it is such a small space to begin with (about 11’x11’) that we wouldn’t be able to fit a queen size bed in the room if we added a closet. I decided the best option was to just add some wall hooks as a designated place for guests to hang nice clothes. Honestly, if I put a closet in the room only a small portion of it would ever be used anyway so it seemed like a waste of time, money and most importantly space.

So with all the background info out of the way, let’s get to the design…

Here are some images of the 3D model I made of my design plan:

SketchUp model views of my proposed design

For this reveal, I’m going to share the changes with photos instead of words. I took photos of the new room throughout the process so you can see the changes instead of read about them. 



  • 2×6’s
  • Wood glue
  • Mending braces
  • Clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain or paint of your choice

This is a super easy low-cost project!

I used scrap 2×6’s I had lying around the garage to make these. I cut my 2×6’s into pieces a little larger than I wanted the height of each tree to be. So for instance, I knew I wanted my tallest tree to be about 15” so I cut my 2×6 to 17” just so I had a little extra room to play with.

Using a table saw, I then ripped down the 2x6s at an angle starting in the corner. I ended up cutting mine at an angle of about 15 degrees. This created one triangle that would be half of a tree.

I could then use the leftover piece of wood to cut the other half of the tree. I started my cut at the corner of the 2×6 again.

Once I had cut all of the triangles for my trees, I laid them all out on my mantle to see how they looked at the height they were at. I verified the original heights I was thinking would look good together, and then I used a miter saw to trim down my triangles to the exact height I wanted.

I sanded down any rough edges.


Happy Holidays! Welcome to my Christmas home tour! I’ve considered doing one of these for the past few years, but I always decided to wait until I had updated all of the rooms that I would be featuring. I feel like holiday decor should compliment the space it is in, and that wouldn’t have been possible in my outdated rooms. Thankfully, this year I felt like I had finally brought the rooms in my tour up to an acceptable level.

I focused on a modern minimalist style that features natural materials and textures. I am not a fan of filling every space and surface in the home with decorative holiday items. I like to limit my decor to a few well-placed items that bring the coziness of winter and the joy of Christmas into the room. A little can go a long way towards making a statement!

So lets start this tour in my foyer…

I love the look of lush greenery hung along the railing, and I have a lot of railing available to dress with greenery. I went with faux garlands because they’re more affordable and easier to maintain.

A few strategically placed elements like a fresh sprig of rosemary and a cinnamon stick make a simple but festive statement.

And now we’ll move into my great room…